*100# Service Jaroub W Shoof

Offers specially designed for you! Double bonus credit... Unlimited internet... Minutes and SMSs

Microinsurance program (Salamatak)

Since we are always caring about our customers as they are Zain essence. Zain is pleased to introduce new unique and exclusive service which insures its prepaid customers throug...

Choose Your Credit Validity!

Has Your credit validity expired? Or it will expire after 1 or 2 days?

Wasel Hessabak Service

The new service (Wasel Hessabak) Let your Call be at their expense. This service will provide the customers with the possibility of making calls whose cost will be handled by th...

Rayah Balek Service

With (Rayah Balek) Service from Zain, No disturbance anymore! New (Rayah Balek) Service from Zain provides customers with the possibility of blocking unwanted calls and SMSs.

Zain Cash service

Zain cash service provides Zain customers the ability to have an electronic wallet on top of mobile SIM Card, this service will enable the customer making financial transactions...

Balance Transfer service

Balance transfer service is a one of special services for prepaid lines which allows them to transfer money from their account to other customer account within Zain with low cos...

Call Me Back Service

Now (Call Me Back) service allows prepaid customers to send a free connection request to any customer within Zain network when out of credit.

Electronic Voucher

The electronic recharge service allows the customer to recharge their account electronically by visiting any of Zain’s point of sales

Rakmak Bkefak Service

With Rakmak Bkefak Service choose your preferred number freely

*315# for After Sales Services

From your place and easily call freely *315# and explore “Zain After Sales Services”, also you can identify the nearest Zain’s point of sale.

Zain Iraq launches an innovative service in cooperation with website. Allowing the Iraqi consumer to benefit from the digital world.

Mamnoon Service from Zain

With Mamnoon service from Zain, prepaid customers will able to continue using their lines while they are out of credit

Ownership Transfer Service

Now prepaid lines customers can transfer their lines ownership to someone else's by visit one of Zain main shops

“My Number” Service

How to know the number and change language for Zain-Fi and Zain Connect Data SIM card

BlackBerry® Solutions by Zain

No matter what your business or individual needs are, a BlackBerry solution with Zain is available to help you accomplish more by keeping you in touch with up-to-date informatio...

International Calls

To keep in touch with your loved ones abroad, Zain IQ is committed to providing you with the best connection to most countries in the world. Each prepaid customer has access to ...

MMS Service

MMS service allows you to send images, text, audio clips and ultimately, video clips through a message from one party to another.

Call Forwarding

Call Forward service enable you to forward your incoming calls to another mobile or land phone without affecting your ability to make calls.

Conference Call

The conference call service allows the calling party to have more than one called party (up to six parties) listen in to the audio portion of the call.

Wait & Holding Call service

Waiting service allows you to receive an incoming call when you are already engaged in another call, you can put an on-going conversation on hold and talk with the incoming call...

Voice SMS

Voice SMS service allows the customer to record a short voice message and send it to Zain network at any time.

MissU Service

This service was designed for Zain Iraq customers to enable them to control incoming calls when their mobiles are switched off or busy or out of the coverage area. A notificatio...

Zain Voice Mail Service

Zain Voicemail is a recording system that allows the caller to record a voice message if the customer is busy with another call, can't answer phone calls, or if the phone is swi...

Postpaid Services

More about our wonderful Postpaid Services