Choose Your Credit Validity!

Has Your credit validity expired? Or it will expire after 1 or 2 days?


Your credit validity will expire soon! Zain introduce you 14 days free validity; so you can continue using your line to stay connected with family and friends during this time

  • To get the offer by dialing *230# or by sending short SMS contains “14” to the number 2130
  • The main credit’s validity will be extended for free for 14 days and from the credit’s expiry date
  • The service is introduced for all prepaid lines customers (expect Ziyara lines)
  • You can benefit from the offer for one time only

This offer for limited time!

Now with “Choose your credit validity” service, you can extend your credit validity easily at any time with different choices upon your demands.

Service details:

  • You may choose to extend your credit validity (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly):
Added Validity Daily(1 Day) Weekly
(7 Days)
(30 Days)
(365 Days)
Validity Cost 100 IQD 500 IQD 2,000 IQD 30,000 IQD
  • To extend the credit validity:
    • Dial *230# and follow the steps to choose the validity.
    • Or send an empty SMS to 2130.
  • After extending the validity you will be able to (Making call, Sending SMS, Using GPRS, and get benefit from all offers and service available to the customer).
  • You can get benefit from the service for multiple times.
  • The service will be available for all prepaid customers either expired or non-expired credit validity, except for Motabi’i and Zyarah lines which already have a great advantage.
  • Also BeSinoor customers are benefiting from service, to know the service details for BeSinoor lines Press here.


Based on the Communication and media commission rules and instructions, your line will be suspended in case of no usage for at least one time during 90 days.

Zain company is entitled to change the terms and conditions of this offer