WalletCard From Zain Cash

For the first time in Iraq... Zain Cash offers you Wallet Card! Exclusive for Zain subscribers...

Zain Cash has launched a multi-currency international Mastercard® linked to your Zain Cash Mobile Wallet, with a number of features that can be used globally for e-commerce, POS payments and ATM withdrawals, shopping online and pay in two currencies (Iraqi Dinars and Dollars).

What are WalletCard Benefits?

  • easily and safely buy from millions of international e-commerce websites
  • Purchase from international merchants without exchange rates fees
  • Cash-out from millions of ATMs around the world
  • Pay at POS in stores, cafes, and restaurants across the world
  • easily check your balance and transaction history through Zain Cash application
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Secured by a chip and a PIN

How to buy your WalletCard?

  • To use the WalletCard you must be a permanent wallet holder
  • Visit the nearest Zain store to buy the card. You can locate the nearest Zain store by selecting “WalletCard”, then select “Nearest Store”

How to activate the WalletCard?

Note: you must have a permanent Zain Cash wallet prior to activation

  1. Open Zain Cash application
  2. Select “WalletCard”
  3. Select “Activation”
  4. Enter the 9 digit number in the bottom left of the card and press “send”
  5. Enter your Zain Cash wallet PIN


You will receive your WalletCard PIN by SMS to use it on ATMs and POSs. If you forgot the PIN, you can always re-send it through Zain Cash app. (The WalletCard PIN is different from the mobile wallet PIN)

To get a permanent wallet, please follow the steps below:

  • Open Zain Cash app
  • Locate the nearest agent by selecting “Nearest Agent”
  • Visit the agent and bring your original documents (Civil ID or National Card + Residency Card) and register for the permanent wallet