Roaming Services

Zain Iraq provides International Roaming service to all mobile customers while travelling outside Iraq. We have Roaming services with 300 operators and 137 countries and this number will increase continuously.

Internet bundle (1GB)

Weekly internet bundle 1GB while roaming with price of 10,000 IQD including the countries of: Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Qatar, France

Roaming Bundles in UAE

The most powerful roaming Bundles while roaming to Emirates…roaming bundles for Data and free minutes for calling Zain’ Iraq numbers while roaming on Etisalat UAE.

Internet bundles (Daily, weekly, monthly)

Data bundles for roaming when traveling to most of the world destinations with the best and most suitable prices.

Roaming Prices

Keep in touch with your business, friends, and your beloved while roaming out of Iraq.

Flight & Maritime Roaming

Zain Iraq has successfully launched and rolled out its mobile roaming services on aircrafts incorporation with Aero Mobile, and for Maritime Roaming with a network that covers most of the world, now Zain Roaming keeps you connected whilst at sea. You can make calls, send and receive SMS while cruising the open sea.

Roaming Q&A

All The Answers To Your Questions.