Super Business Postpaid Plan - North Region

New Super Business line offers special advantages and helps to grow your business by facilitating communication between employees and control your telecom expenses.

Super Business Line advantages:

  • Free calls among employee within the same company.
  • Best prices for calling Zain and other local networks inside Salah Al Din, Mosul, Kirkuk, Erbil, Sulaimanyia & Duhok governorates.
  • Fixed monthly amount to be paid by the company owner.
  • Super Business line includes 100 free SMS as a gift to be enjoyed for 30 days from line activation date and to be used within Zain only. To know your balance of the free on-net SMS, by dialing short number (*371#) freely.
  • Super Business line includes 50MB free as a gift for GPRS usage to be enjoyed for 30 days and for one time only, this 50MB can be activated by sending 150 in SMS to SC 21777 (mobile handset should support GPRS).To check your balance of the free internet, by sending an empty SMS to 21777 freely.
  • Enjoy a variety of services including GPRS, MMS, Bill Payment using recharge cards service, BlackBerry, Zain Miss U and other attractive services.


Calls (within same company members) Free (up to 2000 minutes per month)**
Local Calls (within Zain) IQD 0.75 Sec inside HZ*
IQD 1.25 Sec outside HZ*
SMSs (within Zain) IQD 25/SMS (8 AM – 12 AM)
IQD 12/SMS (12 AM – 8 AM)
Local Calls (other networks) IQD 1.5/sec inside HZ*
IQD 2/sec outside HZ*
Local SMSs (other networks) IQD 40/SMS inside HZ*
IQD 50/SMS outside HZ*
International calls Start at IQD 350/Min
International SMS IQD 150/SMS
Monthly Fee IQD 10,000/Line-Up to 49 line per contract
IQD 5,000/Line-50 lines and Above per contract
SIM price Free


  • Discounted prices apply inside Salah Al Din, Mosul, Kirkuk, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Duhok governorates.
  • In case customer spend all the free units assigned to call same company members (2000 Min), call charges same as local calls (within zain) will be applied: 1.25 IQD/Sec.
  • Also its possible for the customer to check current usage of the free minutes (assigned to be used within the same company), by dialing free short code of (*374#).


There will be three options for deposit packages based on business needs, and the monthly credit limits that will be assigned for the line will depend on the option of deposit that will be selected by the customer:

  Local International Roaming
Option A IQD 240,000 IQD 240,000 IQD 720,000
Option B IQD 100,000 IQD 100,000 IQD 350,000
Option C IQD 60,000 IQD 60,000 IQD 180,000


  • You can address all your queries about postpaid lines or services through
  • Or call 24/7 Corporate Care Center at 307