‎Zain Iraq cooperates with the Mayoralty of Baghdad and offers a new app for smartphones

March 15, 2016

A unique cooperation combined Zain Iraq, one of Zain Group companies, a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile data services in the MENA region, and the Mayoralty of Baghdad resulted in the launch of a new application for smartphones dedicated for the residents of the Iraqi capital to report any complaint relating to lack of municipal services.‎

‎The new application is available for smartphones operating by both (Apple and Android) systems and is considered a quick way to report the complaints of citizens and thus find rapid and appropriate solutions treatments.‎ ‎Through this application, the Iraqi citizen can capture a snapshot of any service-related problem by mobile and send it in a very fast and simple way to the complaint receiving center of the Mayoralty of Baghdad, which will in turn deal with this complaint and quickly address it through the concerned departments.‎

‎In his comment on this cooperation with the Mayoralty of Baghdad, Haider Aqqab, Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager at Zain Iraq, said:”‎ ‎We are proud to collaborate with the Mayoralty of Baghdad to provide a unique service to our people in the capital that will allow them to communicate in a quick and easy way with government agencies and official departments and thus solve their problems and complaints away from routine procedures.‎ ‎This is consistent with the strategy of Zain Iraq that is based on understanding the needs of the consumer and providing the best technical services and solutions to facilitate daily life in all areas”.‎

‎The new application features an additional media outlet to publicize the works, achievements, and projects of the Mayoralty of Baghdad as well as municipal laws and regulations and the stages of completion of transactions of construction, repair, and payment of fees for pure water wages.‎ ‎This application includes an integrated tourist guide to the city of Baghdad and a detailed explanation of the most prominent landmarks and streets and main squares.‎

‎On its part, Directorate of relations and media of the Mayoralty of Baghdad confirmed the importance of this application in terms of activation and development of municipal services and to listen to citizens' complaints and work to resolve them in a quick, easy and practical way.‎ ‎And said: “‎ ‎In conjunction with the launch of the campaign of Baghdad My Responsibility and out of its belief in the importance of public participation and activation of their cooperation with government agencies and institutions concerned with the service sectors, the Mayoralty of Baghdad launches this application on smart devices in collaboration with Zain Iraq, a leading company in providing the latest technological solutions and we cooperate with them to provide the best services to our citizens”.