Zain Iraq ‘Middle East-first and amongst the world first 10 providers” to Launch a solution for offers Purchase through Facebook app.

May 26, 2019

Calling it a Middle east first and amongst the world first 10 providers for the telco industry, Zain Iraq has launched a solution to enable its customers to purchase offers through their Facebook app.


The largest mobile operator in Iraq has begun the service in Iraq in coordination with Facebook and it will be on Android phones as a start and the IOS phones will be able to do it via the portal.


Ali Al Zahid, Zain Iraq CEO, says Zain wants its services to be more convenient by providing a better customer experience. By being the first operator in the Middle East to launch this solution we know that we are building the next positive differentiator to our competitors. Our business is evolving and it’s not old man business anymore. Customers are looking for Simple solutions that are easy to use, and which fit neatly into their lives. I am proud of our team who is on top of what our 16 Mill customers are looking for.


The service is provided by only 10 operators globally and Zain Iraq team could claim that it is the 1st in the middle east which provided this solution to its customers.


Facebook is extremely popular in Iraq. Just more than 20 Million account and Zain Iraq got the highest number of Facebook phone users in Iraq according to FB reports