Zain Iraq is hosting the Startup Weekend Baghdad event supporting young creative talents and contributing to the development of future entrepreneurs

July 28, 2016

As a translation of its strategy to support creative and entrepreneurial ideas, Zain Iraq, part of the Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, hosted the Startup Weekend Baghdad event for the best ideas and technological projects. This initiative comes as part of the company’s vision and various programs that embrace young Iraqi talents in all fields and provide them with the necessary support and assistance to turn their ideas and dreams into successful projects. It is also in line with its approach and efforts to uplift the telecommunications and information sector in Iraq to meet the standards of the global technological revolution.

The Startup Weekend event stretches over a duration of three days, this season of the event will be specialized in E-Commerce and exchange services through internet the participation of developers, designers and experts in marketing and project managers from the Iraqi youth, along with a number of experts and technicians working in the field of information and telecommunication technology. They will all come together at Zain Iraq headquarters in Baghdad, where they will discuss and divide themselves into multiple teams. The task of each team is to submit a new application or a technical project, out of which three winning projects will be selected at the end of the competition.

While commenting on the launch of the Startup Weekend event, the head of Corporate Communication and the Public Relations at Zain Iraq, Hayder Akab, said: "This year has been rich with programs and activities by Zain Iraq, which ultimately aims to provide its support to the Iraqi youth and embrace young talents. It all started with the launch of the youth empowerment program #HassaElyia, which constitutes an innovative platform for young people to express their ideas and aspirations, benefiting from the support of Zain Iraq to share those ideas with the world and to turn them into successful businesses”. On the importance of supporting the startup weekend competition, Akab added: "Today we launch the startup weekend competition which targets creative young Iraqis in the field of information and telecommunication technology. The whole point is to have them submit their projects and to develop them with the help of experts in the field, with the support of Zain Iraq. We believe that future developments in Iraq and the region will be led by these young talents in the field of technology. For that reason, we seek to create awareness and to support opportunities that enhance these creative energies thus contributing to the creation of real future entrepreneurs."

The move is also in conjunction with the expansion of Zain Cash services and coverage on the electronic payment which the company aspires from which to move towards the digital economy through the deployment of e-commerce among Iraqis and the opportunity to develop the use of online payment and which is characterized by speed, convenience, and safety. "

The startup weekend competition attracted a large number of participants, bringing together 110 young Iraqis. Zain Iraq will award valuable prizes to the three winning projects, which will be carefully selected from the projects submitted by the participants.