Zain Iraq announced the end of the last phase of its network modernization project to provide a superior and updated billing system of global standards

October 08, 2016

It is worth mentioning that through this important update on the network, Zain Iraq can now offer its customers the latest techniques that are consistent with international standards which will allow it to provide the best deals and services in various fields.

Zain Iraq, part of the Zain group for mobile communications services companies and data in the Middle East and North Africa, dispatched a press release to announce the end of the second and last phase of the project to modernize its network and the new billing system. This comes as part of the company's plan and its strategy to provide superior services as well as the latest technology to its customers in all parts of Iraq. Zain Iraq is always working to provide the best services in the world of telecommunications to provide them with daily comfort and to satisfy their needs and requirements.

This phase of the network update will provide significant and tangible benefits for subscribers in many fields including the latest billing system for all lines in addition to the development of communication channels for customer services, and the growth of corporate sales and services.