Zain Iraq and CMC join hands with Ericsson A competition for university students to develop IoT-based innovative projects

January 30, 2019

Baghdad, January 2019: Recognizing the role of technology in the advancement of the Iraqi society, specifically the youth, National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq (CMC) and Zain Iraq joined hands with Ericsson and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) to launch a university competition. The competition invites students to develop innovative projects based on the Internet of things (IoT). The competition was launched during a joint press conference held in Baghdad and attended by media and VIPs.


"We, at CMC, believe that such initiatives benefit the Iraqi youth, to enable them get more engaged in the workplace and help them unleash their full potentials - which is among our top priorities,” said CMC Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Ali Naser Al-Khwildi. “We had launched earlier the project "Dom 2025" designed to promote the ICT sector, enhance the digital economy, strengthen the cooperation among stakeholders and facilitate the access to ICT technologies. We hope this initiative today to complement DOM 2025”.


“The same CSR objectives we share with CMC and Ericsson entail upon us to develop our communities by creating a platform for university students in Iraq to help them discover their talents. Today, we offer them an opportunity outside their academic comfort zone, in a competition setup that makes them face real life challenges, pushing their individual limits to the maximum in view of enabling them to succeed later in their lives as professionals”, said Ali Al-Zahid, CEO of Zain Iraq. “This experience is a competitive platform that provides them with the opportunity to sharpen their skills. Further, they can apply their scientific knowledge to develop projects leveraging the possibilities offered by the “internet of things”. These projects shall certainly offer solutions which improve the living standards of Iraqis”.


Applications should be submitted by filling a form on the competition's website. The jury will select the top 20 participants to enter the competition based on international criteria, out of which 5 innovative projects will be shortlisted and 3 finalists will win. Winners will receive prizes in-kind and a three-month internship -at Ericsson's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden in addition to one month in Zain Iraq, where they will be trained by the best sector experts.


Zain Iraq is one of the most technologically advanced companies in Iraq that is keen to keep abreast with the latest technological solutions to provide its subscribers with the best and most advanced services including electronic authentication of users’ data. Seeking to cover the entire Iraq including all governorates and market segments through its sales and service centers that ensure offering the best and quickest service, Zain Iraq has previously launched a series of initiatives to support youth, including the recent Zain Youth (ZY) program that aims to empower youth and help them overcome their challenges. ZY also represents an umbrella to all the youth-centered projects that fall under this category.