An Iraqi first and under the regional flagship of Zain esports platform Zain Iraq launches the Zain-Fi2 esport Tournament

November 07, 2021
  • Allocated prizes total more than IQD 12 million and include valuable gifts to the participants 
  • Tournament games and connectivity utilizes the premier internet connection provided by Zain-Fi2 devices


Baghdad / November 2021:

Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group - the leading mobile telecom innovator across the Middle East and Africa (MENA), organized the Zain-Fi2 esport tournaments in its headquarters in Baghdad. Held under the umbrella of the Zain esports platform, the tournaments gathered players and fans of the most popular video games across Iraq. The two-day tournament leveraged the advanced capabilities of the Zain-Fi2 devices to connect and play, incorporating three video games that include Rainbow Six: Siege on PC, PUBG MOBILE on smartphone and FIFA22 on PlayStaion5.

Zain Iraq presented the first winners with special awards valued over IQD 12 million. The tournament used the superior and fastest 4G-LTE connection from the recently released Zain-Fi2 device, which is considered one of the latest telecommunication solutions featuring modern technologies and clustered with special 4G offers that allows subscribers to benefit from the fastest mobile network in Iraq providing gamers with the best network coverage, highspeed internet, and low PING they need. Zain-Fi2 esport Tournament utilized the Zain esport platform for managing the registration of gamers.

Zain Iraq CCO, Mr. Mohammed Samir, says: “In line with our continuous efforts to support and empower the youth in Iraq to help them achieve their goals, we launched the Zain-Fi2 esport Tournament that is powered by our innovative 4G-LTE service and our Zain-Fi2 devices utilizing the latest industry technologies. Through this initiative, Zain Iraq cements its leadership in supporting the esports industry while reinsuring its commitment towards empowering Iraqi youth and meeting their needs.”

Zain used the regional flagship Zain esports platform to arrange the primary tournament qualification matches after that registered participation of hundreds of players. Two teams of five players made it to the finals of Rainbow Six: Siege, while the PUBG MOBILE finals witnessed a fierce competition among 10 teams of four players each, and four players competed in the FIFA22 finals. The tournaments was held at the Zain Iraq headquarters in a special section that is fully equipped with the latest video game platforms and technologies and ready to host high-level competitions.

Zain launched the Zain esports brand in 2020 to be a regional platform in esports and organize esports competitions in the Middle East. Through similar initiatives, Zain is keen to continue its strategic drive towards achieving digital transformation on the individual, corporate, and government levels, to help youth develop their digital skills and further technological innovations through its leading network.

Zain esports platform is one of the first online video games platforms in the Middle East region. The platform reflects Zain’s strive to further the role of youth and empower them through raising their capabilities in the field of intellectual sports, in addition to partnering with international e-games developers and operators to offer youth the innovative solutions they look up to.