A new meaning for sharing


- Enjoy a faster internet and live the most wonderful experience ever:

Zain-Fi … A new meaning of sharing
No. of users 10
Device speed 21 Mbps
Cost 57,000 IQD
Free Offer Free initial credit of 30,000 IQD


  • Connect the device to a mobile or a computer, open the internet browser then write the address

  • The default password is (zain) and it is recommended to be changed.
  • The interface can also be accessed easily through “Zain Iraq” application which can be downloaded from Apple Store & Google Play.
  • For further details, go to the user guide attached to the device.
  • To get the free initial credit, check your balance by navigating to the main page of the device’s software and pressing on (My balance).

* This offer is valid for a limited time


- Zain-Fi device has a data SIM that supports internet and SMSs and it can be recharged. You can subscribe to the distinguished internet offers (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly in all its types) by sending the offer code in an SMS to 21777 through login into the homepage of the device.

Our new MBB bundles (Unlimited Internet) – free from 2 am - 9 am

Offer Type Subscription Code Cost in IQD Cancellation Validity Data Size
Bundle 1 12 25,000 Del12 30 Days 4 GB
Bundle 2 14 50,000 Del14 30 Days 10 GB


Our NEW offer … Unlimited monthly internet offer

Offer Type Subscription Code Cost in IQD Cancellation Validity Data Size
Unlimited offer 30 30,000 030 30 Days Unlimited Internet


  • Lines with these devices do not support "Pay per use".
  • You may visit one of Zain ROSs or accredited POSs to get the device.
  • To get the high speed, make sure of the 3G network coverage.