Zain AlaModek Line

Without the subscription fee, a unified call price for all operators, free credit upon recharge.

Line Advantages:

  • The line includes IQD 500 as initial free credit (The initial credit will be added after making the 1st recharge with IQD 5,000 or more).
  • Get free credit for each top up and the free credit will be more when you top up with bigger recharge cards.
  • Only with Zain "AlaModak" line you can enjoy a unified price to call Zain operator and other local operators without a subscription fee.
  • Discount for calls within Zain during off-peak time (12 AM - 8 AM) with a price of 600 fils/second after the 3rd minute from each call.

Balance transfer service details

Balance transfer service for Ala-Modak line (Including the lines that migrated from another profile to AlaModak line) will be available with below details:

  • Balance transfer service will be available to the customers after making the first call and consuming IQD 5,000 or more from the main account (in case of customer consume less than 5000 will be able to receive balance only).
  • The customer will able to transfer for 5 times only per month.
  • The allowable transferred amount for each attempt is (1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 IQD).
  • Service fee is IQD 360 for each successful transaction.
  • For more details regarding transfer balance method click here.

Free credit and recharge card Details for new Zain "AlaModak" line:

Get free credit upon each top up and without the subscription fee, more free credit will get with biggest recharge card top up (this offer include physical and electronic recharge card) as you can find below:

Top up recharge cards Free credit* Validity for recharge cards and free credit
IQD 5,000 IQD 500 25 days
IQD 10,000 IQD 2,500 45 days
IQD 15,000 IQD 6,000 60 days
IQD 25,000 IQD 10,000 60 days
IQD 35,000 IQD 35,000 100 days
IQD 50,000 IQD 50,000 100 days
IQD 100,000 IQD 100,000 100 days

*Free credit can be used for calls and send SMS within Zain only. To know your free credit and validity dial (*233#).


On net calls** and other local operators IQD 2 / Sec
On net SMS and other local operators IQD 50 / SMS
International calls Starting from IQD 295 / Minute
International SMS IQD 150 / SMS

**You will enjoy with the discount for on net calls during off-peak time (12AM –8AM) with price 600 Fils per second after 3rd minute from each call.

Discount offers exclusively for "AlaModak" line subscribers:

Further to advantages above of unified price for call local operators and free credit per each top up, when you buy new "AlaModak" line you will be able to choose to subscribe in one of many discount offers and what fit your needs as you can find below:

Offer name Offer details Offer type and subscription fee Subscription code
Free call (12AM-8AM) 28 free on net minutes after second minutes from each call then call continue with price 600 fils per second


IQD 1000 /Month 1

Free offer for call and send SMS

7,500 on net minutes
2,000 on net SMS
100 off net minutes

IQD 100,000 /Month

Discount offer for international calls*** IQD 240 per minute for international calls IQD 1,500 /Month 3
free SMS along the month 2,000 free on net SMS IQD 5,000 /Month 4
free SMS along the day 100 free on net SMS IQD 400 /Month 5
  • To subscribe in one of new "AlaModak" offers, you should send subscription code to the short code (2090). And for un-subscription from the offer, you should send 0 prior the subscription code to the same shortcode.
  • Customer can subscribe with more than one of above offers at the same time.

***Discount offer for international calls include these countries (Jordon, KSA, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, USA, India, Egypt, Syria, UAE, Philippine, Bangladesh & Pakistan).

To know the free units (Minutes & SMS):

Free offer for call and send SMS:

  • *346# for checking free on net minutes.
  • *347# for checking free off net minutes.
  • *348# for checking free on net SMS.

Offer for free SMS daily and monthly:

  • *349# for checking free on net SMS .


  • Other prepaid customers can migrate their line to “Alamodak” and enjoy its advantages instead of their old lines, and after receiving invitation SMS including details of migration
  • For free migration to Alamodak, by sending (yes) in SMS to (2090)

For more details please call contact center on 107 or visit one of Zain's main shops or authorized points of sale.

Zain company is entitled to change the terms and conditions of this offer when deemed necessary without prior notification.