Other Internet Offers

3G bundles from Zain. For a faster world, now with amazing data bundles from Zain (greater MB capacity, long validity & more affordable).

New .. Enjoy using Facebook for free from 2 am - 9 am on all internet offers

With 3G services from Zain, share the audio-visuals with your friends through social media applications and live with them a world of music, games and other thousands of apps. Live it fast for a world that is faster and more beautiful.

Our New & Amazing Internet Offers:

Offer Type Subscription Code Cost in IQD Cancellation Validity Data Size
Classic 10 12,000 010 30 Days 500 MB
Mass 3 15,000 03 30 Days 1 GB
Super 4 25,000 04 30 Days 2 GB
Super Plus 5 30,000 05 30 Days 3 GB
Extra 6 40,000 06 90 Days 6 GB
Extra Plus 11 50,000 011 90 Days 8 GB


For subscription:

  • Send the subscription code of your favourite offer in an SMS to 21777 or call the free number *321#.


  • Subscription to monthly offers (Classic, Mass, Super, Super Plus) will be spontaneously renewed every 30 days and 90 days for Extra & Extra Plus offers if sufficient credit is available. But in case no such sufficient credit is available for renewal, the offer then will be considered cancelled.
  • To know about the remaining internet credit send an empty SMS to 21777 or call the free number *321#.
  • These offers are used within Zain network.
  • These offers are available to all prepaid and postpaid customers and 3G devices (Zain e-Go, Zain-Fi).
  • To get high speed, make sure of the 3G network coverage.
  • Customer can subscribe to more than one offer at a time with (best of validity) technique (i.e. if customer subscribes in Monthly offer (mass) then subscribes in Daily offer, the priority in usage will be from the Daily offer then it will switch to Monthly one after the Data amount of Daily offer is fully consumed, and so on if customer subscribes in multi offers (Daily + Weekly + Monthly).
  • Customer can subscribe to more than one similar offer at the same time (Mass + Mass) with the feature of merging the Data amount and getting a new validity.
  • Regarding the four Monthly offers (Mass, Classic, Super & Super+), and if the customer consumed all of the Data amount tis will keep the customer in the offer (Customer stays in his offer till the renewal), unless the user unsubscribes from the offer by sending (0) & the offer’s number.
  • In case of un-subscription from any of the offers, you can enjoy using the Internet until the end of offer validity.
  • Normal Charging of 6 IQD/10 KB will apply in case of offer ending or exceeding the capacity, therefore you can re-subscribe to any Internet offer again.


Details of pay per use for Internet: 

  • Along with the 3G launch, the cost of regular Internet usage is deducted by 50% to be 6 IQD per 10 KB for both prepaid and postpaid lines. The prepaid customers can activate and stop the internet regular usage by calling the free number *321# and choose "pay per use" and follow the instructions.
  • Customers using the internet without prepaid and postpaid lines offers (regular usage and according to "pay per use"), will receive a notification message upon spending IQD600, while a second notification message will be sent to the customer upon reaching the maximum daily usage limit of IQD 1200. Accordingly, regular internet users will be automatically stopped for the rest of the day to maintain the customer's credit.
  • Zain company is entitled to change the terms and conditions of this offer when deemed necessary without prior notification.