1+5 offer for Zorbasha customers

Enjoy calling 5 Zain numbers of your choice and Internet usage as you like


Offer details:

  • With this offer you are able to select 5 Zain numbers and call them for free* from inside the governorates of (Erbil, Sulaimania & Dohuk), also you are able to use internet for free* and up to 15MB.
  • This offer is with a weekly fee of (IQD 2,500) only.
  • To subscribe to this offer & add the number to your friends and family list:
    1. By dialing (214) and press number (4) then follow the voice instructions.
    2. Or by dial the shortcode:
      • To add the number to your friends and family list: dial *211*number you want to add#
      • To remove the number from your friends and family list: dial *212*number you want to remove#
      • To know your friends and family numbers: dial *211*3#
  • There will be five free trials to add or modify friends and family numbers, after that the cost for any change or add new number will be (IQD 1,000).
  • Offer will be renewed weekly in case credit were available, otherwise offer will be suspended until make recharge.
  • You will be able to make your free calls to selected numbers while inside Kurdistan (Erbil, Sulaymaniyah & Duhok).
  • You can un-subscribe from service anytime by dialing (214) or short number *212#.
  • To check the free minutes dial (*201#) and to know the remaining internet credit send an empty SMS to 21777.

* Fair usage policy will be applied (maximum of 1000 free on-net minutes will be offered during the week for Friends & Family service and 15MB for internet usage).

Zain company is entitled to change the terms and conditions of this offer