Wakti Store .. Exclusively launched by Zain Iraq in Collaboration with Huawei

May 26, 2015

Partnership in Apps platform avails a new world level of offers for Zain Customers.

Zain Iraq, an operator of Zain Group leading telecom company across the Middle East and Africa, has unveiled a new game center platform for its customers that brings together the services and experiences of content providers from around the world. The platform has been launched together with Huawei a leading global ICT solutions provider and leverages content from Huawei’s global inTouch Partnership Program.

Zain Iraq and Huawei have signed the partnership agreement at Middle East Digital inCloud inTouch Cooperation Forum held by Huawei in Dubai on 26.5.2015 and aimed to build a win-win Digital Ecosystem. This marks a new area of media cooperation between the two companies who have previously partnered on developing Zain’s high-speed mobile broadband network.

The new services will be offered by Zain through a Huawei-hosted entertainment portal known as Wakti—meaning “My Time” in Arabic. The online portal houses various services developed through the global inTouch Program where Huawei seeks to shorten the time-to-market of newly-created entertainment services for consumers in the Middle East. Zain customers can in a short while download the Wakti app starting today and purchase content using their existing Zain accounts.

Mr. Philip Hanna, Zain Iraq Deputy CEO for Commercial Affairs said, “Since the customer becomes the focus of our attention in all services we render, we feel quite pleased to conclude this cooperation agreement with Huawei. We feel certain that it will give us a push towards the world digital platform and generate another advanced level of interaction with our broad customer base to go with the developing demands of the local market”.

Hanna added, “We are pleased to bring to our customers a new suite of content and services, which copes with the growing demand for mobile data content from various sources. Zain is focused on driving customer satisfaction ever higher, and in partnership with Huawei, we are happy to consistently introduce innovative new services to our markets.”

Through the partnership, Zain is now able to deliver a fresh portfolio of games, ringtones, and themes to local consumers while also opening up additional revenue streams for their respective businesses. To date, Huawei’s inTouch Partnership Program includes over 500 partners worldwide collaborating across seven global Hosting Centers.

“Over the years Zain has constantly sought to bring original and creative services to its customers in Iraq. Zain now has an avenue for even closer cooperation with the wider communication industry. By leveraging Huawei’s own investments in world-class content hosting centers, the launch of the Wakti platform in Iraq provides Zain customers with easier access to a broader world of entertainment and communication possibilities,” said HUAWEI.

As part of its Wakti program, Huawei has already signed a series of agreements with partners such as Rockville, MT2, Anghami, and GamePower7. The agreements include cooperation on a range of mobile value-added services as well as video, music, and gaming content—much of which will now be available to Zain customers for the first time.

In recent years Zain and Huawei have continued to strengthen their technology partnership across the Middle East. This includes the launch of Convergent Billing System, Service Delivery Platform, from which Zain is able to advance its billing ability, bundle flexibility, and data services offered to customers in Iraq and across the region.