The Ministry of Telecommunication drops infrastructure fees by 25% in order to support and develop telecommunication quality in Iraq

October 10, 2016

Stemming from the important role that telecommunications play in an Iraqi’s life, the Iraqi commissions concerned such the Ministry of Telecommunication, the Communications and Media Commission as well as the Telecom operators in Iraq held a meeting in the headquarter of the Iraqi telecom and post company, one of the Ministry’s formations, to discuss the issues of the sector. The most important of those was the high prices set by the government on services providers aiming to ease the burden on the Iraqi citizen.

Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group, the leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, participated in the meeting and praised the endorsements of multiple items that reduce the cost for the Iraqi subscriber and enhance his/her ability to communicate with the world.

This new step is part of intensive efforts made by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Zain Iraq to secure customers with the best services in the world of mobile telecommunication and data to achieve effective communication which is attuned with their lifestyles. In this regard, the ministry decided to decrease the infrastructure fees in order to develop the quality of services in the telecom sector. This is consistent with the plan to make the governmental prices and fees of the service providers more suitable and in line with those of neighboring countries. This step will pave the way forward to invest in the 3G infrastructure and data transmission which would help Zain Iraq to continue to offer the most innovative and developed services and bundles.

The Chief operating officer, Mr. Hayder Radhi commented on this agreement “Today, by taking this step, we have indeed made an important achievement in the Iraqi telecom sector. In this context, I would like to thank His Excellency the Telecommunications Minister and the management board of the Iraqi telecom and post company for looking into decreasing these fees. We aspire to take similar steps on this very same road to develop and motivate companies to make larger and more impactful investments.

This decrease in infrastructure fees has a positive impact on meeting the community’s needs. Zain Iraq is offering high-speed internet bundles and services with unlimited data coupled with very competitive prices.

This step constitutes a source of motivation to develop the infrastructure which will, in turn, enable the Iraqi subscriber to communicate effectively and innovatively in both the short and long-term in a way that is harmonious with his/her lifestyle