Supporting youth and their role in building Iraq’s future Zain Iraq organizes a workshop series in select local universities

October 31, 2017

In line with its strategy to empower and support youth, Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group - the leading mobile telecom network provider in the MENA, conducted a workshop series in Al-Mustansiriya University, Central Technical University, Nahrain University, University of Technology, Baghdad University, Al Mansour University and Iraqi University which will enable Iraqi youth build a better future. The workshop covered many areas including awareness around electronic crimes, project management, leadership, adaptability to the workplace, and data management. This initiative is part of Zain Iraq strong believe that young talents play a vital role in building the Iraqi community, which is why the company is keen to support, encourage and motivate them.

“Zain Iraq is committed to stay close to Iraqi youth, and monitor the factors shaping their daily lives,” said Ali Al-Zahid, CEO, Zain Iraq. “With the current evolution and technological revolution, we must keep our youth informed to be aware of the side effects of this change.”

“These management and technology training workshops are crucial as success nowadays relies on the ability to embrace a modern approach to management that keeps pace with the technology revolution. Answering this need, Zain organized a diversified series of workshops and seminars which will enable our promising future generations to lead the country within the current evolution and technological revolution. This is the first workshop in a series that will be conducted later on,” added Al-Zahid.

“We are glad to see this initiative materialize as one of Zain’s ongoing efforts to support Iraqi youth, and keep up with them, showing its leadership and paving the way for other private sector companies to follow”, said Omar Mohammed Nasser, Director of Monitoring, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq. “We believe these workshops to be the corner stone for building a mindful electronically-savvy generation, as they help shape their talents equipping them with a solid and reliable quality that will positively affect their professional life, while they still can at this young age”, he added, emphasizing on the importance of partnering with the private to build any evolved society.

Zain Iraq has always been committed to support Iraqi youth and overcome any challenge they might face during the course of their professional or daily lives. The company recently launched a 9 month training program for the top 10 students at Baghdad, Al Nahrain and Al Mustansiriya universities, and #Hassa_eliyah, a specialized platform to embrace Iraqi young talents, encourage and support them to achieve their development and communicate with the world. #Hassa_eliyah program is based on innovative methods to activate the relationship with the Iraqi youth, and it is the start of a new approach using a new language in line with the young generation aspiration and dreams.