Microinsurance program (Salamatak)

Since we are always caring about our customers as they are Zain essence. Zain is pleased to introduce new unique and exclusive service which insures its prepaid customers through “Salamtak” insurance program and provide them policy for “personal accidents” that entitles Zain customers to benefit from the insurance service in the event of death cases or permanent disability due to accidents with 2 type of policies with value of IQD 2,500,000 or IQD 3,750,000 according to the customer recharges during 30 days period.

The types of the insurance policies “Personal accident”:

Benefit of the insurance policy

Recharge value for 30 days

2,500,000 IQD

10,000 IQD to 19,999 IQD

3,750,000 IQD

20,000 IQD and more

Policy coverage “Personal Accidents”:

The Subscriber can benefit from the insurance policy in cases of death or permanent disability due to accidents for more details about the terms and conditions of service

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How to Subscribe in Service:

• Free Service for Zain Iraq prepaid subscribers

• Zain will send SMS contains link to fill the required information below:

- Name
- Gender
- Date of Birth
- Phone number
- Name of authorized person to receive the compensation instead of the 

subscriber in case of if the subscriber cannot receive the compensation personally

• After completing the registration subscriber will receive SMS containing account ID number which shall be used in the payment process

Service Conditions:

  1. The service is available for prepaid lines only, except the Ziyarah lines and institutions lines
  2. The service can be used after 90 days from the date of the first call
  3. The subscribers must be Iraqi Nationality
  4. The age of the subscribers shall not be less than 18 years and not more than 64 years
  5. The recharge value for 30 days shall not be less than 10,000 IQD and to consider the minimum calculated denomination is 5000 IQD
  6. The subscriber cannot get more than one policy insurance even if he/she has more than one line
  7. The date of benefit from the policy will be renewed every 30-day starting from the registration date in the program
  8. The insurance policy will be upgraded/ downgraded/ suspended based on the total recharge of the past 30 days

For more information, please call customer service on the number 107

Be Safe

For claiming process, please fill the Claiming form

To download the Claiming form, press here

This service is provided in cooperation with Al-Hamraa Insurance Company and Globemed Iraq Company for Limited Administrative Services

ZAIN IQ is not considered, at any time, as the insurance service provider or an agent of the Insurance Provider "Al-Hamraa Company ". Any claims or objections for any insurance coverage case need to be negotiated directly with Globemed IRAQ only “ the service provider of the insurance company in IRAQ ”