Quality Leap with 3G at the Beginning of 2015

January 25, 2015

Throughout its previous announcements, Zain Iraq, a leading operator of Zain Group telecoms pioneer in the Middle East and North Africa announced that it plans to launch 3G at the beginning of 2015 hence to kick off a new era of outstanding services given by the most updated technology in order to provide the fastest service to all its customers all over Iraq.

3G undoubtedly is a service quality leap which includes high speed in internet and communications. This will provide the customers with a non-stop and high precision service that copes with the increasing needs of the age due to the many apps that will make the world smaller.

Signing the 3G annex agreement with CMC is an important turning enjoyed by the customers, individuals, and companies, as it is conducive to considerable economic results to the country. The 3G service Zain Iraq will launch at the beginning of 2015 will serve the customers faster through developed technology so that they can use the various apps. without problems. Zain Iraq the provider of the best coverage to all Iraqi people in all governorates managed through experience to secure telecoms and data that meet the requirements and aspirations of individuals, companies, Govt. and non-Govt. institutions.

With the 3G launch at the outset of 2015, Zain Iraq focuses on the vital communications with the customer. This service will certainly contribute to developing the Iraqi community and will enhance the many work opportunities it avails and leads to increase in the local product. It also saves time due to the speed that handles data exchange and communications, for example, the video clip that needs 3 minutes to upload will take only less than a minute.

Zain Iraq is keen to promote the national economy and becomes a vital source of investment and 3G service comes to enhance this issue.