Zain Iraq reaps 4 million followers on its Facebook page The largest interactive digital platform in Iraq

Zain Iraq reaps 4 million followers on its Facebook page The largest interactive digital platform in Iraq

After winning awards and breaking records, Zain Iraq now has the largest interactive digital platform in Iraq, exceeding 4 million followers. The Facebook page constitutes a powerful space that has allowed for real communication and insightful conversations between different generations and segments of Iraqi society. The page offers diverse and useful content, along with detailed information on the products and services offered by Zain Iraq, part of the Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa.

Hussein al-Rubaie, one of Zain Iraq’s first followers on Facebook, believes that the importance of this page lies not only in its ability to represent a telecommunications operator and communicate all the details about its products and services, but also in its capacity to provide rich and useful information on the world of ICT in general, alongside events and other interesting events happening locally and internationally.

Zahra Hassan, who joined the page recently, expressed admiration for the content being offered. He described the account as a space to connect with others and share ideas and opinions.

Zain Iraq’s Facebook page has also proven its practicality and usefulness, as expressed by one of its followers (Firas Abdullah), through the promptness of its supervisory team, which immediately responds to all inquiries made by the subscribers and followers.

After exceeding 4 million followers on Facebook, Zain hosted a series of interactive quizzes on all of the company's social media platforms, to widen its communication with the Iraqis in all parts of Iraq. Many took part and posted videos in which they expressed their admiration for Zain Iraq’s accomplishments on Facebook and sent congratulation letters on reaching 4 million followers.

The Director of Corporate Communication and the Public Relations Department at Zain Iraq, Haider Iqab addressed Zain’s followers on Facebook. He said, "We launched Zain Iraq’s Facebook page in September 2011. Reaching 4 million fans is an important confirmation of our leading position in the telecommunications sector in Iraq. The company was the first to employ social media platforms in the country in order to communicate with customers and provide a virtual space for interactive marketing. Since then we have been able to answer our customers’ questions, strengthen our online presence as a brand, elevate our brand equity and raise awareness about the company's initiatives and programs in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Zain Iraq has followed a thoughtful content strategy throughout this period, which has allowed the public to interact with the company, which in turn was able to serve its customers better.

Zain Iraq was keen from the very outset to create an interactive page on Facebook that would constitute a vital communication platform. The page has become a reference for all subscribers to learn about Zain Iraq, engage with its content and learn a great deal about the world of telecommunications and ICT technologies.