The Communications and Media Commission reviews Zain Iraq performance and future plans

The Communications and Media Commission reviews Zain Iraq performance and future plans

In line with its strategic approach to provide Iraqis with premium services and overcome challenges, the Communications and Media Commission (CMC), represented by its chairman Dr. Ali Al-Khwildi, held a meeting with Zain Iraq senior officials on Tuesday, January 16th in its headquarters in Baghdad.

During the meeting, Zain Iraq presented its 2017 achievements, including projects related to network development and infrastructure reconstruction implemented across Iraq; while Ericsson and Nokia representatives highlighted Zain Iraq achieved key performance indicators, comparing them to international standards applied around the world.

“It is crucial for subscribers in Iraq to receive premium services that meet their ambitions and aspirations, same as subscribers in the region and the rest of the world,” said Dr. Ali Al-Khwildi during the meeting. “Being the sector’s supervisors and regulators, our role at CMC entails that we work closely with the Iraqi telecom operators to assess their performance and overlook their plans on a constant basis. We are also keepers of the subscribers’ rights, creating a platform where they can voice out their comments and complaints-through “The Voice of the Consumer” program- so we can channel them to the concerned parties to provide solutions thus improving the service quality,” Al-Khwildi added.

Zain Iraq team from the technical and engineering departments presented the network performance across different areas in Iraq, highlighting the upgrade and modernization impact on the coverage achieved recently. Zain also shared an overview of the investment allocated to rehabilitate the infrastructure in liberated areas, and revealed the data consumption map supporting the 3G service in different regions.

“We are committed to partner with all stakeholders, starting from our subscribers all the way to CMC and its executive management,” said Ali Al-Zahid, CEO of Zain Iraq, emphasizing on CMC’s role. “We take this opportunity to thank the CMC management for their professionalism and constant support. This fruitful meeting today attended by international companies such as Ericsson and Nokia is another proof of our partnership. We hope this relationship to grow, putting the subscriber at the center of everything we do, which will contribute to evolve the telecom sector in Iraq to new heights,” Al-Zahid added.

Zain Iraq also presented a timeframe with key milestones aiming to improve the services facing challenges. The operator also announced that all their assigned teams- with the support of all enabling partners- will do their best to solve the issues within the agreed timeline, which will upgrade the network, improve the services and deliver innovative technology solutions to its subscribers, both consumers and businesses.