Iraq Marathon 2015 sponsored by Zain Iraq

April 07, 2015

The first of its kind in Iraq.

Baghdad, as well as many other governorates, witnessed the first Marathon organized by the Ministry of Youth & Sports and sponsored by Zain Iraq. The sponsorship stems from Zain’s belief in the significance of sports and support of the Iraqi youth despite the current challenges.

With 1500 sprinters participating in the race that started in Abu Nuwas street and ended in Jadiriyah at the College of Physical Education, winners were decorated with medals. Attendance included Ministries representatives, Youth Directorates, NGOs, the Sports Journalists Syndicate in addition to media.

Many motorcyclists hoisting national flags also participated in the race in Baghdad as well as other governorates. Mr. Abdul Hussein Abtan, Youth & Sports Minister said “ this Marathon sponsored by Zain Iraq is a popular event that encourages Iraqi youth to compete fairly and show energy and break the fear factor. It reflects that Iraq is a unified country.”

Dr. Saad Al Hasani, PR & Media Manager of Zain said: “the Marathon sponsorship is part of the corporate strategy to attend to Sports and its positive role in unifying Iraqis despite challenges.”

Zain Iraq considers the partnership with the local community part of its vision and it attempts to gather all Iraqi youth to send a message of peace to all the world.