From The Int. Telecoms Conference in Barcelona, Zain Iraq: The Customer is the focus of our Programs, Products & Services

May 09, 2015

Baghdad, March 2015

Zain Iraq, an operator of the pioneering Zain Group for mobile telecoms and data in the Middle East and Africa, participated in the Int. Telecoms Conference held lately in Barcelona. Many agreements and new programs, during the conference, were announced to launch by the Group to give the best solutions to customers to develop their lives, work and their interaction with the world around them.

During the Conference also, a high level MOC delegation visited Zain Iraq pavilion and was informed of the latest innovations and technologies used to develop services of the customers on all levels specially after the launch of the 3G service. The delegation attended well the innovative solutions given by the Group in the other markets, which will be reflected on Iraq that will be placed on the International threshold.

On the other hand, Zain Group in the Conference launched the Digital ID platform through Mobile Connect Initiative in the Middle East. This service serves to verify the customers identities safely in order to access the telecoms and digital services such as e-trading, e-banking, e-health, digital entertainment as well as the e-governance.

Zain Group CEO, Scott Gegenheimer commented on this pioneering step “ Zain was and still is the pioneer in rendering the mobile trading, ID and digital services. We look at the Mobile Connect adopted by the GSMA as an initiative that corresponds to our efforts”.

Zain Group, meanwhile, signed a strategic agreement of cooperation with neXgen to provide smart cities consultancy. This cooperation will lead to consultancy provisioning to governments and big real estate companies in order to facilitate dissemination of smart cities in the area.

Cooperation with neXgen agrees with the ZDFI platform formed by the Group in 2014 and it becomes in charge of launching Zain initiatives in the digital space. This will develop the Group through the flow of innovative initiatives that add to the service offers Zain gives to customers.

Zain has already defined revenue generating opportunities through investing in the smart cities in the Gulf area. The strategic cooperation with neXgen will focus on the smart cities available in the markets of Zain.

Zain Iraq, the pioneer in the mobile telecoms and data in Iraq, also works on its part to provide technological solutions to embrace the smart cities that depend on ICT technologies which enhance performance, entertainment, cost cutting, resources saving, more interacting with people as the major sectors of the smart cities extend to education, transportation, energy, health care and water networks.