E-Learning .. Future Horizons

September 05, 2015

Avicenna center/Baghdad University is importantly interested in installing digital platforms that promote e-Learning through advanced technology. Its appeal to Zain Iraq, an operator of Zain Group, the telecom pioneer in the Middle East and Africa, has established a common ground of cooperation.

One of the results of this cooperation was the September 7-8 workshop which was attended by officials and specialists of the Ministries of Education and Higher Education. Participants expressed their admiration of Zain attention to digital platforms and investment in the infrastructures which procure high-quality telecom service. This has availed Avicenna Center a good chance to launch its programs widely.

Through all its sessions, the workshop focused on the e-Learning usages in media and networking. It also focused on the updated ways in education and improved performance. So the 3.9G service launched by Zain is considered one the best foundations to make the e-Learning possible. Worth saying that Zain Iraq launched 3.9G service at the outset of the current year to make it accessible to all customers.