During his meeting with the CEO of Zain Iraq, the governor of the holy city of Karbala Aqil Al-Turaihi stressed the importance of partnering with the private sector to develop services for ci

April 06, 2017
  • Karbala has been attracting a great number of visitors, becoming a key destination in Iraq.
  • Technical and technological improvements are the basis of development.

A delegation from Zain Iraq visited the Holy city of Karbala, headed by the CEO Ali Zahid along with a number of representatives from the company's technical and commercial departments. Meeting with the Governor Aqil Al-Turaihi the delegation reviewed the plans of the company to improve and develop its services in the governorate of Karbala.

The Governor stressed the importance of Karbala in Iraq as a religious center that welcomes millions of visitors every year. He also emphasized the importance of putting together the appropriate plans to develop the telecommunications sector and its information technology to better fit the needs of this busy governorate. It is of absolute significance that the company provides exceptional services to its citizens and visitors. The delegation listened closely to the Governor’s wishes and promised to continue to provide Karbala’s residents and visitors with the finest services that are in accordance to international standards so that it can become an example for Iraq’s telecommunications sector.

Ali Zahid, CEO of Zain Iraq, stressed the importance of Karbala to Zain Iraq and its operations as a company. He affirmed that Zain has been and will continue to harness all efforts and resources to develop its network in Karbala. He discussed the importance of creating strategic partnerships with the competent departments for the development of the telecommunications sector in Karbala. He believes it all starts with consultation and getting different viewpoints from the various concerned parties. This will ensure that the resulting strategic plan will be based on solid input and will ultimately ensure sustainable development and advanced services that are up to regional and international standards.

The Governor also gave important examples from around the world that convey the importance of partnering with the private sector. He said, "Karbala was one of the first governorates to adopt a strategic partnership with the private sector in order to provide better services for its residents. We know the profound significance of such partnerships and their positive impact on the local economy. We believe that this elevates the quality of such services to level up with the rest of the world.

By the end of the meeting, the delegation from Zain Iraq thanked the Governor for his hospitality, time and valuable remarks, hoping that this will be a step in the right direction and the beginning of a series of meetings that aim to provide the best for the citizens and visitors of the holy city of Karbala.