Diamond Sponsorship of MOC Conference .. Future and Investment Horizons

March 04, 2015

Presiding over the 3rd MOC conference sessions held in Grand Ishtar hotel in Baghdad on February 22, Mr. Hasan Al Rashid, MOC Minister, called for launching and encouraging investment in fiber optic networks. Worth saying that Zain Iraq which gave a diamond sponsorship of the conference was the first to sign the fiber optic network contract with the State Company of Telecommunications and Post (SCTP) on 19/11/2014 as it believes in enhancing the national infrastructures and promoting investment in fiber projects in order to support the local economy.

The one-day conference focused on using the local infrastructures, a topic that was discussed by a panel comprising representatives of the MOC, CMC, SCTP along with Zain Iraq being one of the biggest investors and the diamond sponsor of the event.

In his final statement, the MOC Minister said “our conference is quite important and it corresponds to the current Govt. program where telecom technology becomes indispensable for all countries to solidify cooperation and support industry which needs to be in a state of constant development that stems from the options and solutions given by this sector”.

On his side, Dr. Haider Radhi, Zain Iraq Technical Officer, said “our participation in the conference is not the first and it won’t be the last as we are the biggest operator in Iraq that has the biggest customer base and delivers services to around %97 population. We staunchly believe in solidifying relations with all official institutions of the partner community. Our cooperation with MOC with which we had formerly signed the fiber optic contract is the first positive step to serve not only our customers who are at the focus of our strategy but also all citizens all over the country”.