Zain is offering its customers a batch of wonderful and diverse entertainment services. Please note that the listed prices are per page for the received and sent messages.

Zain Grand Competition

The biggest and most exciting competition ever offered by Zain. This competition gives all Zain subscribers the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

Zain Sami3ny

With Zain Sami3ny, calling becomes more entertaining and affordable. While making a call you can change the caller's regular tone into songs, poetry, hymns or holy calls of your...

Mazaje service

The customers can share their mood through mobile phones with their callers to see their daily mood before talking to them, a service that keeps pace with youth ambition and all...


A range of services that provide important tips for a better life, including family tips, ways of success, self-development, improvement of relationships, etc.


The latest applications that interest you in your life and keep you in touch with the latest information of technology in Zain applications.


The Best and newest competitions with Zain, with continuous opportunities to participate and be one of the winners of various prizes.


For a better healthy life, we have provided our customers with a wide range of the best services that offer healthy recipes of the Iraqi, oriental and western cuisines.


Stay in touch with your family and friends and get to know new friends with Zain's chat services.


A range of renewable entertainment services such as notification offers,photos and dedications .

Find Job

You can find out about the available vacancies and get the job that suits you through the services provided by Zain.


A unique collection of interactive games that are compatible with different mobile devices such as ball games, video games, puzzles and many special games


Zain provides its subscribers with the best health services so follow our various health services to avoid infections and for a safe and disease-free life.


The most important of general information provided by Zain to its subscribers through a distinctive package of services.


The teachings of our religion and various daily prayers and interpretation of the verses of the Koran are among the most important religious scholars are now available within Za...

Personality & Horoscope

Your horoscope is available now for you to get on your mobile every day from various renewable services within Zain.


includes a special package of poetry ,dedications and tips.


Educational services are available now on your phone, Zain offers a variety of different educational services in various fields.


A variety of beautiful services and special songs for children.


You will now be able to know the latest sport news and follow the most important national and international leagues and receive the latest on the matches and results of the play...


The latest breaking news provided by Zain services covering local and international news to keep you abreast of the most important current events.


A wide range of messaging services on global and local channels and radio stations.


Beauty tips and services that are of interest to women, daily care and the latest of trends and fashion news.

Other Services

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