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  • The price listed is the price per page.
  • Some of these services may consist of a single page or more of the page.
  • The subscriber can cancel all subscription services mentioned are Free.
  • The subscription services are varied in terms of services consisting of text and content download services via the Internet.
  • Details of services and prices could change without prior notice.
Short Code رقم الخدمة Service Name اسم الخدمة Rate سعر الرسالة الواحدة ChargingType Service category
4555 Raflle Competition 1,200 SMS/MO Competition
2770 Dream Competition 2020 (MBC) 1200 SMS/MO Competition
2391 Rotana Mega Promo  1,200 SMS/MO Competition
2826 Asdaa Al Alaam on MBC 1,200 SMS/MO Competition
2833 MBC TV. Dream Competition 2018 1,200 SMS/MO Competition
3333 Raffle Competition 60 SMS/MT Competition
4444 Raflle Competition 40 SMS/MT Competition
3447 Mega promo 240 SMS/MT Competition
90013300 mega promo IVR 1,000 IVR Competition