By offering the ‘Sadeem’ applications service Zain Iraq succeeds in introducing digital and technology solutions to the education sector through smartphones

April 25, 2018

Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group - the leading mobile telecom network provider in the MENA, announced the success of ‘Sadeem Plus’ application that was launched during a press conference in Baghdad.

The application came as a response to parent’s need to closely monitor their children’s academic path. Through enabling direct communication between parents, schools and kids, Zain Iraq will allow parents to stay aware of all news, timelines, presence sheets, evaluations and homework due, and connect directly with their schools.

“We aim through our continuous initiatives to enable youth as a translation to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, especially in the education field. Our commitment to achieve the sustainable development goals is among the company’s top priorities, while utilizing the public-private partnerships to empower youth,” said Ali Al-Zahid, CEO of Zain Iraq.

“The launch of these applications is well aligned with our strategy of innovation utilizing the best and most recent technology solutions. We aim to provide top-notch services to Iraqi’s in all fields, and this partnership represents a key milestone to contribute positively in improving the education sector by transforming the traditional academic experience to the best,” Al-Zahid added.

Zain Iraq’s role though this initiative is to offer free internet service to schools and ‘Sadeem’ system to school management and parents to stay aware of their children’s academic performance. The new system will positively affect the level of education in Iraq, utilizing modern communication tools, as the number of enrolled students reached over 90,000 spread across more than 250 schools. Following its success in schools, Zain is now aiming at introducing the system at education directorates and other related entities.

The new service is now available to all smartphone users across Iraq. To benefit from this service, simply send an SMS to get an activation code.