3 Million Fans on Zain Iraq Facebook Page Confirms Vital Partnership with Customers

June 14, 2015

Zain Iraq anew confirms its interaction and communication with customers in various ways. And this is the basis of any success realized by the company which currently celebrates the 3 million reach through Zain Iraq Facebook page. This reach is not only a unique achievement but an unprecedented partnership in Iraq which relies on continuous communication to understand the customer and offer him all new and innovative things. It is a bright partnership that was achieved by sincere follow-up, solution provisioning and giving the subscriber an opportunity to communicate with the world around. Throughout the 3 million ceremony of the Page, many competitions and surprises were announced under (‏#أكبر_3ائلة) Hashtag umbrella. The Page also called upon fans and subscribers to keep interacting on its Social Media channels.

Zain Iraq Facebook Page team believe that without the customers' interaction, the Page would not grow bigger on the internet. Therefore, the team works hard all the time to offer a content that meets the fans’ or customers’ expectation. The aim of the page is to become an authority to share an innovative content on all topics.

Commenting on the record achieved by Zain Iraq Page, Director of Corporate Communications in Zain Iraq, Mr. Hayder Ekab said “ We are quite proud of our Social Media Team achievement. We also look with due respect to all our Page fans who make our family bigger. Indeed we derive our power from our fans’ follow up of all our services. We, therefore, promise them to be at the level of their expectation and give them the best services. We work to serve all our customers who are at the focus of our strategy in every service we give to realize what they expect of communicating with the world”.

It is worthwhile to say that the Social Media pages have become the most important outlets to transfer any intelligence between the companies and their clients. And this reflects the pioneering stand of Zain Iraq which was the first to engage the Social Media in communicating with customers and generated a hypothetical space for their interaction and queries. This also promotes Zain brand and disseminates the awareness of the corporate initiatives, CSR and Social Sustainability programs.