“No Impossible”…. Muhanned Al Marsoumi Glares Anew Another Initiative from Zain Iraq to Promote Iraqi Youth Talents

June 14, 2014

In his genuine Iraqi tune, Muhanned Al Marsoumi sang among Lebanon mountains while shooting his recent video clip for his latest song " No Impossible". Upon his first appearance on the MBC Arab Idol program, Muhanned was distinguished by his sincere sense and a wide range of his voice which is tainted by his humble character. Muhanned was known for his dreamy vision. He says " Iraqi youth have a great many dreams some of which were realized and others need support to. For me, "No Impossible" is a dream that is realized with the support of Zain Iraq company which covered the production charges. This is the second time the company stands behind the embodiment of my dreams".

The VC which is abundant with awesome natural views colored in Lebanon mountains and sea was aired soon afterward. And Muhanned has managed to express his love and show his deep feelings.

Commenting on Zain Iraq contribution in producing the VC, PR manager Dr. Saad Al Hasani said: " Zain Iraq in its strategic plan has set a number of programs that fall under the CSR and supporting the Iraqi talents is but one". He also added that the project " aims at highlighting the youth talents and encourages the Iraqi youth to be creative and hopeful. This initiative is just another expression of our intention to be accountable towards our society and its development. We henceforth work to maintain the support of the youth in all different scientific, health, cultural and artistic sides that target the social sustainability. Accordingly, we have projects to support widows, the national campaign of Polio vaccination in collaboration with UNICEF and we have the initiative of "Let's be Together to Make their World More Beautiful" to support the orphans in addition to a number of environmental awareness initiatives.

The present VC is but another attempt to polish a glittering talent.