Zain Iraq is Sponsoring The First Digital Media Forum in Iraq

March 29, 2017

As part of its strategy of moving towards advanced digital technologies and its role in promoting awareness in Iraqi society, Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, sponsored the first Iraqi Digital Media Forum in a special collaboration with the College of Mass Communication at the University of Baghdad. The sponsorship aims to shed light on the importance of analyzing media messages and educating citizens on the effective use of digital tools. This is especially important given the fast-paced era of which we are part and the social media platforms that are becoming the most important forms of media.

The forum, which was held in the conference hall of the College of Mass Communication at the University of Baghdad, was attended by hundreds of students from mass communication colleges as well as news agencies, media organizations, civil society organizations, professors and students from various Iraqi universities, as well as representatives of press offices and media departments in Iraqi ministries. The discussion revolved around the scientific means of analyzing news on both digital and traditional platforms.

In a statement issued by Zain Iraq, the company claimed that "This sponsorship is at the heart of Zain's strategy and its vision for the coming years which is rooted in innovation and the world of telecommunications, especially its digital front. This is part of the company's sustainable development program which hopes to support the youth towards realizing their dreams and turning them into real success stories. There is a fundamental need to introduce modern technologies within a scientific framework that can be taught as part of university curriculums. After all, fostering critical thinking methods and strengthening analytical skills is crucial for Iraqi citizens to better evaluate online and offline news, and consume content consciously. "

Zain Iraq aims to develop the capacities of its subscribers in dealing with excess information. The digital world has given the user full control and thus remains unbounded in terms of the content made available. For that reason, spreading awareness and nurturing analytical skills is a necessity.