Business opportunities for companies

Beneficiary Dept. Category
IT Backbone equipment and Servers
Computer Accessories
DC-Power & UPS
Inks, Printers and Photocopiers
Internet services and connectivity
Networking Equipment
Personal Computers
software & license
General Service Handsets
Cleaning Services
Clothes & Uniforms
Construction & Rehabilitation
Electrical Equipment & Spare Parts
Grocery & detergents 
Safety Equipment
Security Services
Security Equipment
Water Supply
Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Decorative jobs: include all walls & ceilings decorative works with all finishing materials, manufacturing & supply furniture, Kiosks & booths in high-quality standards & treatment according to given designs by Zain team.
Supply & Maintenance:
- High-quality power adapters for all indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, signage’s.
- High-quality LED, Neon, Spotlights & projectors for indoor & outdoor brand fixtures, lightbox & signage.
- High-quality cables & wiring for indoor & outdoor brand fixtures, lightbox & signage’s.
Offset Printing:
- Posters type, paper & sticker in all sizes.
- Pamphlets, flyers, brochures & booklets in different die cuts.
- Packages stickers in different shapes & sizes.
- Different type and die cuts of packages for Zain products.
- Carbonated receipts indifferent sizes and paper grammages.
- Business cards, in high-quality printing and cuts
- Manuals in different sizes.
- Envelops & letterheads,
- Desk calendars
Digital Indoor & Outdoor Printing:
- High-quality indoor & outdoor print and implementation of steel, wood, forex panels and structures.
- Promotional materials like (light box’s, Pop up counters, roll banners, promotional stands, flag banners .. etc.).
- Giveaways (caps, mugs, bags, pens, keychains, shirts, agenda’s, diaries.
Manufacture & Supply different kind of branding & promotional materials:
CNC, different cuts & manufacturing wood, foam, forex, Alucapond panels to form different shapes as 3D objects & signage’s , tables, stands, show cabins, Kiosks, booths ..etc.


Beneficiary Dept. Classification Category
Technical Networks Fundamental Network Equipment
Technical Internet services and connectivity
Technical Backbone equipment and Servers
Networks Networking Equipment
Networks Auxiliary Network Equipment
General Services Power Generating Equipment
General Services General Maintenance
Technical FTK Services