Lamsa App

It is a special application that educates children in an entreating and educational way since it has a range of interactive games and stories in addition to more than 200 educational contents that leverage the development of child using modern and distinctive approach.

How to subscribe

  • Send 9 to 2400 and you will receive a successful SMS and activation code for the application or you can subscribe by clicking on the following link:Press Here

  • The subscriber will create an account to subscribe and register the required information and add a password as per the choice and activate the application by the pin code received by the message.
  • After the registration is complete and the application is downloaded, click on Are you a user
  • Then select Iraq and enter the mobile number in the field and password.
  • New subscribers will receive a free trial for three days.
  • The subscription price is 250 dinars per day after the free period
  • Application is available for Android and iPhone
  • To unsubscribe, send 09 to 2400.