Voice SMS

Voice SMS service allows the customer to record a short voice message and send it to Zain network at any time.

How to use the service:

  • The customer can call 219 to record or listen to the voice SMS then follow the instruction, the customer can record the voice SMS after the whistle then press on hash (#) sign.
  • The recipient will get a notification message from the free short code 2019 that mentions the name, time & date of the voice message and the number who sent it.
  • the customer who sent the message will receive a notification message that includes the date & time in which the recipient listened to the voice message.
  • The customer can choose the date and time of sending the Voice SMS and add a voice background for the message.

Pre Requirements/ settings:

  • The line should be active.
  • Both the sender and recipient should be using Zain line.
  • The service is not available while rooming.

The service cost:

When the customer calls 219 there will be a deduction of 50 IQD for the recorded SMS (the deduction is calculated when the customer begins to register the voice message after hearing the whistle, in case of cancellation of the recorded voice message and not sending it no deduction will be applied ).

Duration of the message:

Maximum duration for recording the voice message is 60 seconds.