Zain Voice Mail Service

Zain Voicemail is a recording system that allows the caller to record a voice message if the customer is busy with another call, can't answer phone calls, or if the phone is switched off. In addition, voicemail, subscribers can record a reminder call & set-up a wakeup call.

The Following Zain VMS options are available:

  • All incoming calls will automatically be diverted to customer's VMS.
  • When customer line is busy, incoming calls will be diverted to VMS.
  • When a customer cannot answer his/her phone, incoming calls will be diverted to VMS.
  • When customer's phone is switched off, or outside the coverage area, incoming calls will be diverted to VMS.
  • For the first time in Iraq, Zain voice mail service users can set-up alarm & record wakeup call.

To choose any of the above VMS options the customer has to set the call to divert option on his/her mobile to the following: +9647802999977. Call divert option can be reset at any time.

Once a caller has left a message on customer's voice mailbox, then the customer will be notified of this by an SMS.

How to activate Zain voicemail service:

To start using Zain VMS or to listen to your messages, call 217 and follow the instruction. Call charges for 217 are 45 IQD/minute.