Zain Iraq Training Session in Collaboration with Ericsson supports Youth for a promising future

Zain Iraq Training Session in Collaboration with Ericsson supports Youth for a promising future

Zain Iraq, an operator of Zain Group, the pioneer of data and telecoms in the Middle East & North Africa, in collaboration with Ericsson, organized a one-month training for 24 top graduates of 2015 from different universities across Iraq. Part of Zain’s responsibility towards youth, this initiative aims at developing their skills and connecting them to the world. It provides them with the right tools and services to excel in a promising future.

This activity helps boost the Iraqi economy by providing the youth with the right support and career orientation thus enabling them to build a promising professional career. This is part of the partnership with Ericsson, the leading technology, and telecom company, which invests its expertise in the training and development of the youth, to help them build a strong experience and be qualified in a competitive work environment.

The training started on the 8th of October and included 24 fresh graduates and top students in Engineering and Computer Science from various Iraqi universities. Specialized experts from both companies worked together to train the students and update them with the latest telecoms developments in the region and the world. At the end of the session, Ericsson recruited some of the students to support Iraqi youth and help them find the right careers that will further enhance their potentials.

Deputy CEO of Zain Iraq Dr. Haider Radhi said: “our corporate development program is based on youth as the company’s vision relies entirely on giving youth opportunities to assume leadership roles to enable and qualify them to lead the telecom sector in Iraq”.

Mohamad Dergham Head of Ericsson North Middle East pointed out the importance of this training session and said “we value our cooperation with Zain Iraq to organize such sessions and we are glad to work with one of the most important telecom partners in the region. This partnership will generate great skills for the Iraqi youth; in fact, Ericsson has always been keen to develop the students and youths capabilities through its several programs which are already launched in the region and across the world”.

The session was concluded by giving certificates and job contracts to some students.