Zain Iraq Sponsors TEDx in its 2015 version consecutively

Zain Iraq Sponsors TEDx in its 2015 version consecutively

Zain Iraq, one of Zain Group pioneer operations in mobile telecoms in the Middle East and North Africa, has from the outset left a broad space of its strategy to youth who are the good asset that leads to development and progress.

For the 3rd year consecutively Zain sponsors TEDx Baghdad and this time in collaboration with TEDx Vancouver, Canada. The 2015 version was meant to close by ideas and implement them as Zain Iraq stems from its being part of the local community and its keenness to draw socially accountable vision, plan, and strategy. It accordingly sets human and material resources to support many humane, social and developmental projects.

The care it shows to TEDx Baghdad 2015 falls within its social responsibility and it accordingly cooperates with all civil, govt. and international institutions in this regard. Zain believes and invests in youthful potentialities and engage youth in sustainable programs like TEDx which reflects the Iraqi youth abilities on a world level.

In this regard, Hayder Talib Ahmed, Zain Iraq Director of Corporate Communications said: ” Truly this is not the first time our company sponsors this innovative project which avails our youth the opportunity to participate on the world level by sharing experience and placing Iraqi projects on the world platform.”

On his side, Mr. Yahya Al Abdali, founder of TEDx Baghdad said “we feel glad to make this project a reality in order to let all Iraqi youth manipulate the international experience that benefits Iraq. We send our special thanks to Zain Iraq for siding with our event since the beginning through all the logistic support it has given”.

TEDx Baghdad 2015 included about 70 participants of both genders who interacted vitally with their Canadian counterparts. It sheds light on the huge potentialities of the Iraqi youth despite all the daily challenges they face.