Zain Iraq Rewards the Winners of the Unlimited Internet Competition

Zain Iraq Rewards the Winners of the Unlimited Internet Competition

Innovative and creative youth participation achieved a positive interaction with subscribers.

Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in the Middle East and North Africa, rewards the winners of the unlimited internet bundles (weekly and daily) competition. While also celebrating this new service, which is the first of its kind in Iraq, the awards ceremony took place at the Iraqi cinema hall at Al-Mansour Mall.

Zain Iraq is the first telecom company who using Social Media platforms in Iraq to communicate with customers to provide virtual space for interactive marketing and answer their questions, and to strengthen the presence and prestige of the marketing brand as well as raise awareness on partnership initiatives of the programs in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development according to content strategy which allow the public to interact with the company to provide them with the best service in unconventional ways, this was made possible by inviting them to create an advertisement for any of Zain Iraq’s offers using their unlimited internet bundles (daily and weekly) and then send them to Zain Iraq’s Facebook page. The company received numbers of videos carried out by a group of talented young Iraqis, who demonstrated excellence in their ideas and method of implementation.

Three videos were chosen based on their popularity on social media, meaning that they were liked and shared widely by Zain Iraq’s followers on Facebook, which exceed a total of 3,750,000 fans.

In his speech during the ceremony, Hayder Akab Head of corporate communications and Public Relations at Zain Iraq, said: "We are pleased with the success and the size of participation in our unlimited internet bundles (daily and weekly) competition which was launched by Zain Iraq on its Facebook page. We are especially proud of the younger generation’s participation that interacted with this online contest, either through sharing their ideas through videos or by simply sharing these videos with each other. The videos we received truly depict the excellence of existing Iraqi talents. This is especially demonstrated through our youth empowerment program #HassaEliya, especially since the launching artwork that we released accumulated millions of views around the world and we received thousands of participation requests as a result. We are determined to continue with our approach to support young Iraqi talents in all fields through Hassa Eliya as well as other activities, competitions, and activations. This goes along with our services and offers that are part of Zain's digital strategy, which aspires to contribute to the strengthening of the trend towards the digital economy, thus keeping Iraq up-to-speed with global technological and technical developments. "

The awards were divided into three categories, the first prize was worth 5 million IQD, the second worth 2.5 million IQD, and the third was worth 1 million IQD. The ceremony included many surprises and attracted a large number of young Iraqis.