Zain Iraq Provides fast and free 3.9G Internet For Baghdad International Airport passengers

Zain Iraq Provides fast and free 3.9G Internet For Baghdad International Airport passengers

Zain Iraq, a leading telecom innovator across the Middle East and North Africa, announced that it is providing a free internet service called “Zain Fi” inside Taxi Baghdad cars, catered specifically to travelers.

This initiative came as a result of a collaboration between Zain Iraq and Taxi Baghdad, a company that is specialized in taking passengers, to and from Baghdad International Airport. This stems from Zain Iraq’s strategy, which aspires to ensure full Internet coverage and complete third generation dispersion across Iraq, for both tourists and residents alike. This allows them to enjoy fast and free internet wherever they are in Iraq and helps them stay connected with the ones they love. In fact, this initiative is in harmony with the spread of Zain Iraq’s third generation technology, which truly facilitated the use of the World Wide Web in Iraq, and paved the way for creating fast and easy communication with the outside world.

While commenting on this initiative, Dr. Haider Radhi, Zain Iraq Chief Operations Officer, said, “this project is very much in line with Zain Iraq’s strategy, which aspires to provide the most superior and innovative services to its subscribers. Zain Fi” allows Zain Iraq to target travelers to and from Iraq given the company’s belief in the utmost importance of having free Internet from the moment of arrival. This allows passengers to benefit from the 3G service and communicate with the outside world with speed and ease”.

This initiative from Zain Iraq is considered the first phase which will cover all Taxi Baghdad’s saloon cars. This will be followed by other stages which will include the province of Baghdad as well as other areas in Iraq.

Through this free service, Zain Iraq provides an additional opportunity for our dear travelers and expatriates to stay in touch with their loved ones at all times and to remain up-to-speed with all events happening around them.