Zain Iraq opens a new Revenue On-line service (ROS) in Fallujah to get closer to its subscribers

Zain Iraq opens a new Revenue On-line service (ROS) in Fallujah to get closer to its subscribers


In line with its customer-centric strategy, Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group - the leading mobile telecom network provider in the MENA region – announced the opening of a new Revenue On-line Service (ROS) in Fallujah City at the Anbar Governorate. The new ROS is located in Ramadi near the Public Clinic Bridge and opposite to the Municipality of Fallujah. This step is a clear reflection of Zain’s objective to get closer to the hearts of Iraqis wherever they are, meeting their needs and requirements through widening its ROS network.

“Opening Fallujah ROS center underlines our commitment to maximize our subscribers’ satisfaction by being present wherever they are within Iraq. Now that things are getting back to normal in Anbar Governorate, we are pleased to be the first company to invest in expanding its customer care centers covering different key areas,” said Ali Al-Zahid, CEO of Zain Iraq. “This stems from Zain’s effort to provide services to its subscribers that go beyond just purchasing SIM cards and recharge cards (RCs) – to help them stay more connected with the outside world. Although we have faced many challenges and difficulties while rehabilitating our network infrastructure and coverage in Anbar however we still managed to accomplish that in a record time,” he added.

"As a leading telecom operator in Iraq, we constantly strive to translate our customer-centric approach through everything we do including the opening of new sales and service centers that offer our subscribers with the best and fastest services," concluded Al- Zahid.

Opening Falluja ROS center comes in line with Zain’s objective to stay connected with its wide subscribers-base by being present wherever they are within Iraq, catering to their needs in an easy and effective manner throughout Zain Iraq widespread customer service centers. In a one-stop-shop center, customers will be able to purchase and swap SIMs and recharge cards, settle their bills, and benefit from the opportunity to communicate with Zain representatives directly- without an intermediate.

Zain Iraq is one of the most technologically advanced companies in Iraq that is keen to keep abreast with the latest networking solutions to provide its subscribers with the best and most advanced services including electronic authentication of users’ data. Seeking to cover the entire Iraq including all governorates and market segments, Zain Iraq was the first company to contribute to the reconstruction of Anbar Governorate by rehabilitating its network infrastructure there.