Zain Iraq opens a new franchise store in Mosul Catering to its subscribers needs across Iraq

Zain Iraq opens a new franchise store in Mosul Catering to its subscribers needs across Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group - the leading mobile telecom network provider in the MENA, opened a new franchise store in Mosul, Cultural Group, facing Haiba Khatoon Mosque catering to the needs of its subscribers.


"Being the second largest city in Iraq, we strongly believe that Mosul deserves our special attention. We are committed to restore the service in this strategic city, as we are keen to stand by our people there- part of our duty. We are working towards catering to our subscribers’ needs, rehabilitating the network infrastructure to offer the highest quality 3G and internet services”, said Laith Alobaidy, Sales Manager, Zain Iraq. “This will help bring life back to normal, as the telecom sector is vital to the local community. We also reopened our ROSs to facilitate subscribers’ access to buy and swap SIM and recharge cards, keeping them connected with the outside world”, he added.


"This step is in line with our human-centric approach to be closer to our subscribers through a wide network of service centers and point of sales spread across all Iraqi governorates to offer them the best quality of services and answer their needs,” Alobaidy concluded.


The opening of the new franchise store is part of Zain expansion plan in view of joining its subscribers wherever they are in Iraq and meet their needs in the best and fastest way possible through a wide network of customer service centers. The new store represents an extension of a series of stores launched by Zain Iraq across the country. The services offered at the new store include selling and swapping SIM cards, recharging cards and settling bills, in addition to offering on-spot consultation, in a one stop shop- all in easy manner and at competitive prices.


Zain Iraq is one of the most technologically advanced companies in Iraq that is keen to keep abreast with the latest networking solutions to provide its subscribers with the best and most advanced services including electronic authentication of users’ data. Seeking to cover the entire Iraq including all governorates and customer segments through its wide network of customer service centers and point of sales that offer the best and fastest services. Zain Iraq contributed in rehabilitating the telecom infrastructure in the liberated governorates.