In Its 10th Anniversary, Zain Iraq …….Hard Work Challenges the Impossible

In Its 10th Anniversary, Zain Iraq …….Hard Work Challenges the Impossible

Zain Iraq, one of Zain Group operators for mobile telecoms and data in the Middle East and North Africa celebrated its 10th anniversary with its employees, partners, and contractors. Zain is not oblivious to the beginning in Basrah where there was the first customer, the first employee and the first office. The same feeling was and still is the fuel that moves Zain which does not allow but the best always. On this occasion, Chairman Muhammed Al Charchafchi said " it is the feeling that distinguishes each employee regardless of his position that makes us celebrate today, celebrate the millions of subscribers who form the biggest customer-base in Iraq and who are served by more than 3000 employees. We are pleased to offer them all the trophies won by the company last year for the Best Operator of the Year in the Middle East and North Africa and the Best Service Provider of the Year. Mr. Charchafchi confirmed that Zain looks forwards to invest in any project that contributes to the improvement of communication and provisioning of the intelligent and innovative solutions which can be of use to any Iraqi.

On his part, CFOO, Mr. Wael Ghanayem said "this achievement is a result of huge efforts exerted by the team, the old and the new ones. Each stage has its challenges, circumstances, and difficulties. I say here to each one who started with Zain Iraq and to those who have joined us recently that we create the beautiful world through our love to our work and to our aspiration to develop it and to develop our selves. "He also added " we work day a night to satisfy the customer who makes the basis of our work. We have provided the best ways and the best technological solutions to make communication with the outside world so easy and at competitive prices. We feel proud of our team and of any effort to be a leading company."

The numbers achieved by Zain Iraq whether in investment or in the expansive customer base or in the network spread- out is a good proof that the company is considered the most significant contributor in vitalizing the economy and positively participating in the local market.

Zain Iraq depends on the best communication providers in the world to procure communication quality of international standard.

In this respect, it collaborates with Ericson company whose deputy CEO and head of Zain Unit for International Agencies in Ericson Middle East Mr. Ray Hassan points out to this collaboration by saying " our relationship with Zain Iraq goes beyond technology. We are partners and hope always to work together for the following years to enhance the standard of communication in Iraq and to continuously cooperate to launch the most updated telecoms technology. At the present, we congratulate our partner Zain Iraq on its 10th Anniversary and achievement in the past few years. Zain confirmedly proved itself to be able to develop telecommunications with the most updated technicalities and raise this sector to a high standard with all the challenges around. We refer here to Zain Iraq employees efficiency which is also the efficiency of the company ."

Mr. Ateeq Abdulrahman, representative of NSN company on his part said " we are proud of Zain Iraq which invested in the telecoms infrastructures during the last ten years This made our work complimentary of the huge efforts exerted by the company management which is an example to the successful companies in the Middle East and North Africa."

On the same footing representative of Hawaii company, Mr. Rogers Xing said " Work with a big company like Zain Iraq needs an exceptional effort since Zain programs expand continuously. We come with our expertise in this sector to enhance the work of the company which we are pleased that it works according to international methods. For us, it represents the most successful investment in the Middle East ."He also confirmed that Zain Iraq employees are champions for their distinguished achievement in the most difficult circumstances".

The 10th Anniversary is to celebrate the customer and the employee all together as each one of them has his role in the proceeding of the company.

Accordingly, Mr. Mohammed Samir who celebrated a span of ten - year work with the company said " in the name of my colleagues and my name allows me to express my pride and my pleasure of what has been achieved in the light of all the challenges and difficulties coped with by us. I still remember the first days of our work where we were very few, and when I look now at the teams I look at a success story. So in the name of all my colleagues, I say we still work as if we were on the first day keeping the same excitement to serve the Iraqi customer."

The celebration did not exempt those who joined the company recently and in all their names Mr. Mohammed Saleh, a new recruit said " it was only one year when I joined Zain Iraq but I found myself in a huge institution that impresses its employees and urge them to develop through the required training. Frankly, when I was called as one of the top first students to join a training session organized by Zain I did not expect to see such a standard of professionalism and when I was appointed I was lucky to be given this chance to participate in building the beautiful world.