KidSpace platform contains entertainment, educational programs and games suitable for children's ages and helps them to grow and think properly

Zain Iraq subscribers can enjoy the content of the kidSpace platform and app through mobile phones and tablets with the ability to subscribe securely and seamlessly through the phone balance and in addition, parents will be able through kidSpace to Fully control the content that children see, monitor their usage and the time spent online through App control features, and kidSpace is available via the web app and as a mobile application for iOS and Android operating systems.

How to subscribe:

  • For daily subscription, send 4 to 4079 and the subscription fee is 300 IQD after the free period.
  • Or you can subscribe through the web app or from the native app

Subscription details:

  • For new users and after the subscription, the new users will be able to enjoy a 3-day free trial
  • Enjoy with all games and content for free during the period of subscription.
  • To unsubscribe please send 04 to 4079 or unsubscribe from the app itself
  • Download the app through
  • or open the web app from

To Get the Application Download Link:

Please send 10 to 2107 for free

For more information, call Customer Care at 107