Jawabkom Service

Jawabkom is the largest website for questions and answers in the Arabic world which connects users to qualified experts to answer their serious/ important questions in different fields. Subscribers get answers to their questions from experts like lawyers, nutrition specialists, Technology engineers, etc. the service is easy you can insert your question and the experts will answer it quickly.

Subscription bundles:

  • Simple answers for 5000 IQD/ daily.
  • Medium answers for 1000 IQD/ daily.
  • Detailed answers for 1200 IQD/ daily.

Subscription details:

  • Customers can subscribe by visiting Jawabkom website: www.jawabkom.com
  • Customer has to select the subject of the of the question then write the question; 3 types of answers will be shown and the customer pays according to the type of the chosen answer and subscription.
  • Customer has to select (mobile payment) then insert his Zain mobile number. He/she will receive an SMS within minutes which contains the verification code to verify payment.
  • Verification code must be inserted in the required field in Jawabkom website to submit subscription and payment.
  • The service is available for all Zain prepaid lines.