Further to signing the 3G Launch Agreement with CMC Last Week…

November 23, 2014

-Zain Iraq Successfully Upgrades its network (IN) System to meet market challenges with the introduction of Broadband services.

Zain Iraq announced that its engineering teams successfully completed the upgrading and development of the intelligent network system (IN) in a record time. This upgrading was implemented according to a plan precisely set to reduce the impact on customers. Zain attended to apply the best International standards and the most updated technologies for its network.

The new "IN" will allow Zain Iraq to provide the best offers to its customers in value-added services in addition to the standard telecom services.

Worth mentioning, this system is considered the prime solution globally giving its wide range of protocols which secures stability, flexibility, quality service and speed in future upgrading to cope with technological developments.

The current upgrading fits the company's preparations to launch the 3G service at the onset of the next year through a ceremony signed with the CMC at Al Rashid Hotel in Baghdad and attended by the Prime Minister Dr. Hayder Al Abadi.

Zain Iraq assured its customers of its confidence that launching 3G would involve a great overwhelming and beneficial experience since it secures high speed and better voice services delivery. It is expected that commercial launch of 3G will be in January 2015.