Zain provides its subscribers with the best health services so follow our various health services to avoid infections and for a safe and disease-free life.

  • The price listed is the price per page.
  • Some of these services may consist of a single page or more of the page.
  • The subscriber can cancel all subscription services mentioned are Free.
  • The subscription services are varied in terms of services consisting of text and content download services via the Internet.
  • Details of services and prices could change without prior notice.
Short Code رقم الخدمة Service Name اسم الخدمة Rate سعر الرسالة الواحدة ChargingType Service category
2403 خدمة صحتك 40 MT SMS Health
2766 نصائح صحية 100 MT SMS Health
2771 نصائح للدايت 75 MT SMS Health
2916 خدمة نصائح الريجيم 120 MT SMS Health
3119 خدمة رجيم 80 MT SMS Health
3502 خدمة رجيم 180 MT SMS Health
4291 التداوي بالاعشاب 120 MT SMS Health
4707 MobiHealth 120 MT SMS Health
4708 عيادتي 300 MT SMS Health
3789 نصائح صحية 240 MT SMS Health
4595 طب البديل 100 MT SMS Health
3765 اعشاب 240 SMS/MT Health
3135 اللياقة البدنية والتغذية 180 SMS/MT Health
3738 طبيبك على جوالك 240 MT SMS Health
3740 حمية فت 240 MT SMS Health
2227 صحتك بالدنيا 300 MT SMS Health
2416 B-Fit Service 60 MT SMS Health
3217 خدمة الحمية 40 MT SMS Health
4141 العلاج بالاعشاب 120 MT SMS Health