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  • The price listed is the price per page.
  • Some of these services may consist of a single page or more of the page.
  • The subscriber can cancel all subscription services mentioned are Free.
  • The subscription services are varied in terms of services consisting of text and content download services via the Internet.
  • Details of services and prices could change without prior notice.
Short Code رقم الخدمة Service Name اسم الخدمة Rate سعر الرسالة الواحدة ChargingType Service category
3061 وقتي \ اهداءات 120 MT SMS App
3888 تطبيق شزام 600 Application APP
4066 كاسبريسكي 0 MO/MT SMS APP
4068 تطبيق Tapson 0 Music (Entertainment) APP
4069 تطبيق Tapson 0 Music (Entertainment) APP
4121 ركن المرأة 360 Application APP
4481 Vovivoo 300 MT SMS APP
4493 تطبيقات الموبايل 360 Application APP
4901 تطبيق ZSafe الحزمة 1 / 500 ميجا 1500 MT SMS APP
4902 تطبيق ZSafe الحزمة 2 / 1 جيجا 2250 MT SMS APP
4903 تطبيق ZSafe الحزمة 3 / 2 جيجا 3500 MT SMS APP
3310 نطبيقات زين العراق 500 MT SMS APP