Free internet and Facebook

Internet is there wherever you are. Free and guaranteed.

You can enjoy browsing all the websites with photos even if there’s no available credit and through service

To enjoy using the service, please:

  • Visit website
  • Download discover application which is available on Android devices only through Google play
  • Send 1 to 2114 to get the link for free
  • By going to the personal account of the subscriber on Facebook then clicking on the main menu, for more and then discover
  • You can get free Facebook (Facebook Flex) on Android devices by controlling the button on the top right of your Facebook page where you must put it on the selection (you are using free mode) to enjoy Facebook for free
  • For full internet access (including the full version of Facebook), you can subscribe to one of the amazing internet offers by dialing the free number *321# or sending 100 in an SMS to 21777